About Us....

It all started back in 2013...
Two women from Stawell, VIC were tired of all of the animals being put down due to lack of interest for rehoming. They decided to create the group Adoptable Pet Rescue and began their journey educating their small town and giving all of the furry forgotten souls of Stawell and surrounds a second chance. 
Since 2013 the team has continued to grow and together they have built a strong bond. A huge number of cats and dogs, as well as rabbits, lambs and birds have been successfully rehomed and this number continues to grow.  

Ways you can help
if like us you have a strong love and passion for animals and would love to help, here are a few ways how.......

If you have loads of love, a warm home and food to share, you could be our perfect foster care.  Contact us for more info.

If you are looking to add to your family, adopting an animal will save a life and bring loads of love into your life

You can also help us by donating money, food, towels or other pet goods as well as second hand books and other goods